Deaf, Dumb Bus Driver Arrested

•Sunday Ogunola

•Sunday Ogunola: Deaf and dumb BRT bus driver

•Sunday Ogunola: Deaf and dumb BRT bus driver
•Sunday Ogunola: Deaf and dumb BRT bus driver

A deaf and dumb commuter bus driver has been arrested at Apongbon area of Lagos, Southwest Nigeria for driving on BRT lane.

Officials of the Lagos State Taskforce on Environmental and Special Offences (Enforcement) Unit arrested the 33-year old driver, Sunday Ogunola on Monday with passengers in his bus who were unaware that he was deaf and dumb.

The driver is also married to a deaf and dumb woman and has two kids and is also pregnant.

At the time of his arrest, Ogunola was driving a Volkswagen faragon bus painted in the state’s colour, with registration XW 724 EKY.

The culprit has been driving since 1999 and has no valid driver’s licence.

On questioning, he said he normally plies the Ajah-Lekki-CMS-Eko Hotel route and that he had once been arrested on BRT lane in the past and was let off the hook after he pleaded.

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Taskforce Chairman, Bayo Sulaiman said he was shocked that the driver could not hear or speak when asked questions, saying that he constituted serious danger to life and safety of passengers.

He lamented that despite his predicament, he drove on the BRT lane, which was why he was arrested initially, adding that he has been driving for a long time.”

“When we asked him questions, he could reply us. He cannot even hear or speak but he can write. We don’t expect him to be driving other people. He cannot even come up with a valid driver’s licence.

“He is liable for his action. He was arrested with passengers in his bus on BRT lane. We are going to look for the owner of the vehicle and charge him to court. We are holding him back here so that we can get the owner of the bus,” Sulaiman said.

—Kazeem Ugbodaga

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