American doctor proffers technology cure for Ebola


Dr Bill Gray MD, Homeopathic Physician

American doctor, Dr. Bill Gray MD claims he has technological remedy to help people infected with Ebola Virus recover through the use of his Homeopathy eRemedy.

In a statement made available to PM News, Gray Founder and Chairman, Coherence Apps LLC said that Ebola death rate is about 50 per cent so far, meaning that 50 per cent can recover to a full state of health while the other 50 might not. He said that sicker can however turn to the use of his online technology therapy for free.

He noted that his technology should be used as a preventive for those exposed to Ebola but not sick or for those that are sick for less than 48 hours.

“It is true that standard medicine has no proven cure to kill the virus and no vaccines. All that can be done is to enhance the body’s own ability to health itself — hydration (with intravenous fluids if necessary), rest, good nutrition, and careful hygiene are basic — as well as isolation and quarantine to protect family members and the community.”

Dr Bill Gray MD, Homeopathic Physician
Dr Bill Gray MD, Homeopathic Physician

He noted that the use of homeopathy brings succour. “Modern technology finally brings another encouraging option, however. Homeopathy is a two-century-old science with remedies capable of stimulating the body to heal itself. Homeopathy actually became famous worldwide treating scarlet fever, smallpox, yellow fever, cholera, typhoid, etc. — all as intense as Ebola.

“Ordinarily, the difficulty in the chaos of Ebola is just getting to a homeopathic doctor or pharmacy to acquire a remedy. Not a problem nowadays!”

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Gray’s homeopathic remedies have been made into electronic form that can be played for just 10 seconds over a cellphone! Sounding like mere white noise, the frequencies played actually help to heal, he claims.

“Coherence Apps LLC has created two eRemedies carefully chosen to stimulate healing forces of those suffering from Ebola — as well as enhancing prevention for those at risk of exposure. Fortunately, he was able to interview an internationally famous Ebola expert to gather detailed clinical symptoms needed to choose precise eRemedies for this epidemic.”

He said those interested can try out the therapy via a website. “Those interested in this perfectly safe method of healing Ebola sufferers can simply go to On the Ebola page, follow instructions to take one or another of the eRemedies. They play for 10 seconds each time — with a benign white noise sound. … And, this service is completely free of charge.”

“Improvement in energy, fever and other symptoms can be expected within a day or so, often within hours.”

Gray is a Stanford Medical School trained physician with 43 years of experience practicing and teaching homeopathy worldwide.

He has also an author and in 1999, published Homeopathy: Science or Myth? He is the co-founder of International Foundation of Homeopathy, principal instructor for IFH across US and co-founder of and core faculty member of Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in East Bay.

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