T.D Jakes' daughter Sarah celebrates hubby Toure on his birthday

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Toure Roberts & wife Sarah Jakes Roberts

Toure Roberts & wife Sarah Jakes Roberts

By Jennifer Okundia

Co pastors of The Potter’s House at One LA and Denver Toure Roberts and wife Sarah Jakes Roberts are celebrating together today as Toure adds a new age.

Sarah who is behind the movement Woman Evolve and is also the daughter of popular American Bishop T.D and wife Serita Jakes, married her hubby in 2014.

She is the author of Lost and Found, Colliding with Truth, Dear Mary and Don’t Settle for Safe. The 32 year old was formerly married to Robert Henson with whom she had two kids.

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Toure was also formerly married to Lori Roberts with 3 children. The duo welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Ella Roberts in 2016.

In a note to her husband, Sarah said ‘Before I met you, I’d never known anyone like you. ⁣

Now that I know you, I search every soul I encounter for glimpses of you. I am convinced that what you innately posses is the key to bringing the world to it’s best. ⁣

You are kind, loving, forgiving, wise, humble, confident, and so pure. Selfishly, like a precious stone, I’d like to keep you to myself. Yet I know that some works of art are meant to be taken in not hidden. ⁣

So as God continues the history of putting you on display I promise to pray every step of the way. My prayer will be that God further unearths the dimensions of your existence. I will pray for friends whose name makes you laugh and whose voice grants your comfort. ⁣

My heart will plead that God will bless each of us close to you with vision to see you with honor, sensitivity to handle you with care, and strength to make every weight easier for you to bear. May those who experience you from afar be FOREVER changed by the fullness of your anointing. ⁣

…..and may my love and gratitude for your existence remind you of just how blessed we all are to be under your covering. ⁣

Happy Birthday my King @toureroberts, forever I love you. ❤️’

Touré Roberts is the author of Purpose Awakening and Wholeness. He was born on September 8 1972. He clocked 48 on Tuesday.

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