Taxi Crushes Man


A man in his early 40s lost his life on Thursday’s afternoon at Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

He was knocked down by a taxi cab just by the pedestrian bridge while attempting to cross the highway. The man, whose identity could not be ascertained as at the time of filing this report, was still lying by the roadside as LASTMA officials tried to control onlookers who wanted to catch a glimpse of the victim.

A LASTMA official, who simply identified himself as Omo, stated that the accident took them by surprise as there was normal flow of traffic before the sad incident. “I cannot really say what led to the accident. We just heard a bang and a shout. And the next thing we saw was this lifeless body. “He should have used the pedestrian bridge which could have prevented this ugly occurence. It is really sad that he lost his life in this manner,” he stated.

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A passerby who commented on the incident also said if he had used the footbridge, he could have saved his life. “Imagine, he lost his life just by this footbridge. This is why we keep advising people to make use of the bridge. It is meant for us and not for goats. It pains me a lot that he was knocked down by the footbridge which he was supposed to use.”

The corpse and taxi have been removed by the agents of the Lagos State government.

—Ufforth Shallom

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