That There May Be A Hitch Free World Cup


There is no place the cowardly Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda don’t strike. They can kill innocent people without compunction. Now they are planning to attack South Africa, venue of next month’s World Cup. This chilling revelation about the insane plot of the terrorist group was made by a member of the group called Abdullah Azam Saleh al-Qahtani.

The al-Qaeda militant, who is being detained in Iraq, said their target of attack in South Africa are the Dutch and Danish soccer teams. Why are they the target? Because of the cartoons published by newspapers in Denmark and Holland in 2006 which al-Qaeda felt disparaged Prophet Mohammed.

It’s so insane for the group to think of attacking these two teams. This is an unacceptable transfer of aggression because these players and their fans have nothing to do with the controversial cartoons al-Qaeda terrorists are complaining about.

According to Al-Qahtani, the suspected terrorist, “We discussed the possibility of taking revenge for the insults meted out to the prophet by attacking Denmark and Holland. If we were not able to reach the teams, then we would target the fans. The plan would have included car bombs and gun attacks. It was an idea to blow up the World Cup, it was relayed through other men.”

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Since plan ‘A’ has leaked, al- Qaeda terrorists may settle for plan ‘B’ which is not yet known to the organisers of the soccer fiesta. Considering the deadly attacks which the terrorists are known for, it would be foolhardy to assume that they have shelved their plan because it has leaked. To this end, the organisers of the World Cup should brace up for the worst. They should be fully prepared to protect not only the Dutch and Danish teams but also other innocent fans and officials that could be hurt in case the terrorists eventually strike.

The al-Qaeda terrorists have a knack for taking security agencies by surprise and thoroughly messing up security measures. Recall what they did to ‘almighty’ America in 2001 during the bombing of the World Trade Centre.

Although South Africa is notorious as one of the countries with the worst crime rate in the world, organisers of the World Cup have continued to assure teeming football fans that will visit the country that adequate security measures have been put in place to ensure their safety throughout the period of the tournament from 11 June to 11 July, 2010.

We reiterate that the organisers must go the extra mile to provide security for tourists and fans that have started arriving South African cities for the football fanfare. Any ugly incident during the tournament could take the shine off the event as was the case when the African Nations Cup was almost marred when the Togolese team were attacked by unidentified gunmen in Angola early this year.

World Cup tournament is a period of fanfare and one of the biggest sporting events, if not the biggest compared to the Olympic games. Like the Olympics, the World Cup brings together world’s best footballers from 32 countries to compete for the trophy and they are watched by millions of people at the game’s venues and on TV. It is the most joyous moment for the teeming followers of the game. So, any group that will take that joy away by violently attacking the teams or the fans is an enemy of the world and must not be allowed to have its way.

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