Woman Claims Pastor Charmed Her For Marriage


A mother of two, Mrs. Omotayo Raymond Amajee, 30, has told Ojo Grade ‘A’ Customary Court at Olojo Drive, Ojo, a suburb of Lagos, Nigeria, that she was charmed to marry her husband, Pastor Kouaovi Raymond Amajee.

In her divorce petition before the court, Mrs. Amajee revealed that her intention was to work as a teacher at Saint Star International School, Badagry, founded by her husband, and not as a housewife.

“Surprisingly, I got to know that I was living with him and before I know what was happening, I had given birth to a child, Jeremiah and I was also six-month pregnant.

“After discovering this, I resigned to my fate and decided to continue with him.

”I have been working for him since 1999 as a teacher, proprietress and typist without collecting any salary,” she narrated.

She told the court that trouble started on 1 October, 2007 when a woman and her two sons came from the Republic of Benin to visit them.

”Raymond never told me he had a wife and two sons in Republic of Benin. He used to travel to Republic of Benin anytime we were able to gather a little money from the school and I thought he was going home to see his parents.

”His Beninois wife threatened to kill me with an iron rod while Raymond watched my humiliation.

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“Since the wife came, I have been having one problem or the other with my children. We got an accident after the incident and I almost lost my child, Jeremiah,” she added.

She also accused her husband of deserting his matrimonial home; maltreating and disrespecting her.

She urged the court to compel her husband to pay her the seven-year salary he owed her and grant her custody of her two children.

“I suffered so much to make Saint Star International School what it is today. I worked as a teacher, typist, proprietress and registrar in that school and now that everything is blooming, Pastor Raymond wants to dump me and cart away all we worked for,” she said.

Pastor Raymond Amajee, it was learnt, lives at 2, Oremeji Close, Eleki.

“He works as a pastor in CAC, Erekiti Belar, Badagry, CAC, Ikoga Zebbe and has once worked as a shepherd at a Celestial Church of Christ Church in Badagry,” she revealed.

The case has been adjourned till 15 June, 2010 for the respondent to give his evidence.

—Toyin Adinlewa

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