Students Watch Sex Video On Mobile Phone


The students of the junior arm of Oriwu College, Ikorodu, a suburb of Lagos, Nigeria, who were reported to have been having sex during school hours are also said to have spent their time watching sex videos on mobile phones.

A teacher in the school who spoke under anonymity, said this was a common phenomenon in the school. She said that the students watch pornography on their phones while teaching is on.

“You can imagine some of the students watching pornographic films while the teacher is the class teaching them. The school’s principal has seized so many phones from these students. We have a big problem.”

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The problem of moral decadence has been prevalent in Lagos secondary schools in recent times.

Recently, there was a report of how secondary school students take photos of their private parts with their phone camera and circulate among their peers. Such nude pictures have been finding their ways into social network sites on the internet. The practice is called ‘sexting’ among the students.

— Paul Dada & Eromosele Ebhomele

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