'Nigeria Loses $300b To Corrupt Leaders'


Nigeria has lost more than $300 billion to corrupt leaders since independence, ICPC Chairman, Retired Justice Emmanuel Ayoola, has said.

Ayoola, who spoke at a sensitisation lecture on corruption at the Federal College of Forestry, Jos, said the amount could have made lives “much better’’ for ordinary Nigerians.

“ Three hundred billion dollars is enough to build many standard schools equipped with all facilities.

“ We now send our children to private schools and universities and that is why when they come out of these schools, they have no love for their country,”  he said.

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According to him, the situation has made it imperative for all Nigerians to cooperate and contribute to the fight against corruption.

Represented by Hassan Mohammed, Head, ICPC Zonal Office in Makurdi, Ayoola said the fight against corruption was a tedious one which no organisation could fight alone without the support of  citizens.

“ The “no” you can say to someone can go a long way in ensuring that we have books in our schools, drugs in our hospitals and also make our votes count during elections.

“That ‘no’ can also build motorable roads to many Nigerian villages,” he added.

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