Don’t Spare The Rod For Barbaric KingRod


Many right thinking Nigerians are yet to come to terms with what could have incensed a first class traditional ruler to batter his estranged wife in public. The Deji of Akure, Oba Oluwadare Adesina, threw caution to the wind on Sunday, 30 May, 2010 when he brutally assaulted his wife,  Olori Bolanle Adesina, at her residence, 141, Hospital Road, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.

No amount of punishment, including his deposition will be too much for this  king who has brought that exalted position into disrepute by conducting himself in a manner unbecoming of his status as a first class traditional ruler. Already, kingmakers have commenced the process of deposing him. He does not deserve to remain on that throne a day longer.  He should be banished or ostracised from the civilised community he is supposed to preside over. It is unimaginable that a man who is supposed to be on moral high ground at all times could lose his sanity and conduct himself without scruples like a demented village thug.

The Ondo State Government has equally queried the embattled monarch. It requested the Oba to respond to the allegations levelled against him regarding the incident. The touching aspect of the query reads in part: “In full public glare, you poured unknown substance on Olori Bolanle which caused her bodily injury.”

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The despicable conduct of the monarch is a gross violation of the right of a hapless woman. It goes to show how irresponsible some leaders who are supposed to be role models can be. The incident goes beyond a domestic affair as it has been insinuated in some quarters. The woman could have died during the attack. It is a criminal offence that should be treated as such. Oba Adesina must be thoroughly quizzed and prosecuted and if found guilty he should be sent to jail to serve as a deterrent to other wife batterers who take advantage of women’s supposed weakness to dehumanise and enslave them.

Men like the Deji of Akure who turn their wives into punching bags are cowards who belong to the stone age. There are decent ways of settling matrimonial squabbles rather than resorting to such barbaric approach. No matter how bitter his quarrel with his wife is, he could have comported himself due to the elevated position he occupies in the tradition institution in that state.

The shameless monarch must apologise to the women folk for debasing one of their own publicly. He deserves all the vitriolic attacks  women have hurled at him over his  conduct. An ordinary citizen couldn’t have descended to the level the oba did. We won’t be surprised if Adesina is jailed for beating and inflicting severe injuries on his wife. We wish Olori Bolanle, who has been receiving treatment in hospital after the attack, quick recovery.

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