Truck Driver Arrested For Stealing 30 Bags Of Flour


The saying that everyday is for the thief and one day for the owner was re-enacted recently when Musbau Adekunle, a 31-year-old truck driver with Kings Incorporated Ventures, was arrested alongside Emeka Ogbonna after the duo had successfully stolen 30 bags of flour from the 600 bags he was conveying to Onitsha from Lagos.

According to the Managing Director of Kings Incorporated Ventures, Mr. Theophilus Omodiate, the company had been recording some losses in recent times, which made them alert their agents who have been monitoring the activities of the truck drivers.

“They loaded the products from Lagos to Onitsha and when they got to Onitsha, it was discovered that some bags of the product did not measure up to 50kg, so they returned everything to Lagos. That was how we discovered that they had tampered with them. The driver, thereafter, confessed that he sold 30 bags on his way to Onitsha,” Omodiate explained.

Speaking with Crime Watch the driver, Musbau Adekunle, said he used to sell gas from the truck as pocket money but that it was Emeka Ogbonna who urged him to sell out of the flour so that he could use part of the money to repair the truck since the fan blade was faulty. “I never sell flour before. God is my witness,” he added.

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According to Emeka Ogbonna, he was at home on that day when Musbau Adekunle called him on phone and said he wanted to buy fan blade. He added that when he came to the shop, he told him (Musbau) that he does not have fan blade in stock and Musbau suggested that he should look for someone to buy flour, and he also helped him to look for a buyer.

On how much he sold the 30 bags, he said he sold each bag for N3,000 and that he gave Musbau Adekunle the sum of N60,000 out of the N90,000.

According to Emeka Ogbonna, the landlord of the premises in which they operated in Ore, normally collects the sum of N3,000 on each truck they drove into his premises.

Investigations into the matter continues.

—Yusuf Muhammed

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