Police Female Team Decry Poor Funding


Few years ago, the Police Female Machine team were a delight to watch during their training sessions at Ikeja Police College.

In those days, the female team always recruited good players from other grassroots clubs because they were well funded. Many young players wanted to play for the team, not because they were doing well in the Amateur League, but because the players were well motivated during training sessions and competitions.

P.M.Sport, however, gathered that the story has changed for the team today, as they are not well funded. This, it was learnt, has been affecting the output of the players and the position of the team in the National Division One Female League.

Out of ten clubs that are playing in Group B of the League this season, Police female team are fifth on the league table with fears, among players and coaches, that the team may further plunge before the end of the season, if care is not taken.

The team won seven matches, drew two and lost nine. P.M.Sport gathered that honouring matches in the season has not been easy for the team. It was learnt that all the matches they had played in the League were sponsored by the Team Manager, CSP Monday Ebowemen, and the coaching crew.

“We did not honour three of our matches in the league because of lack of funds. We have written letters to the office of the Police Sports Officer in Abuja, but there was no response,” a source, who wants to remain anonymous, told P.M.Sport.

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