Why Ajalli Utd Lost Out At Boska Cup


Coach of Ajalli United, Princely Nnamdi Nwafor has given reasons why his team lost the third place match at the just concluded Boska Cup.

Ajalli United lost to Lub-Bak 5-6 on penalty shootout after they played 2-2 in the semi final of the championship.

Though Ajalli United lost to Lub-Bak in the semi final match, their good performance in the encounter endeared them to the fans at the FIFA Legacy Astro-Turf football pitch of the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria, who tipped them to win the third placed match against MFM football team of Ikeja. They could not scale the hurdles as they fell 0-1 to their opponents.

It was argued that their defeat might be due to fatigue during of their semi final match against Lub-Bak. But Nwafor thought otherwise, he said they lost to Lub-Bak in the semi final because of bad officiating.

He told GSG that his players were still nursing the injury of the poor officiating meted on them even days after the finals of the Boska Cup.

“I want to say that we were robbed in our semi final match, and that was the reason the players lost the third match game. I won’t blame my players because they played good football in the tourney before they were robbed in the semi final encounter,” he said.

MFM Football team of Yaba won the cup at the expense of Lub-Bak, who they defeated 7-6 on penalty shootout.

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