Does Cultism Still Exist On Our Campuses?


Great Nigerian Students! In recent times, it seems that the menace of cultism in our institutions of higher learning has reduced. Many may wonder why I made such assertion, the truth of the matter is, it has been a long time we witnessed the activities of the so-called cultists on our campuses.

I stand to be corrected anyway because I am no longer in school, but if we consider the situation some years back, there is hardly one week that we would not read on the pages of newspapers about cult group clashes, leaving in its wake death, destruction of property, and sometimes indefinite closure of the institutions affected. But today, the situation is much better.

I remember that some institutions used to be notorious for cultism. But today, normalcy has returned to some of those schools. Dear Congress members, we are not saying that cultism has ceased to exist in our institutions. In fact, the University of Lagos Mass Communication departmental magazine conducted an interview with an ex-member of Black Axe, who revealed that contrary to people’s belief, cultism still exits in UNILAG.

The questions are: Do you agree with my assertion? Or the activities of cultists are not just reported?  Are the school authorities, in collaboration with the government, still fighting the battle holistically?

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What about the Students’ Union Government (SUG), that some students have accused of using cult groups to win elections? And can we say that this monster called cultism has been successfully banished from our campuses?

If your answer is no, what measures do you think could be put in place by the government and school authorities towards total eradication of the menace? Share your experience with us or send your views on the aforementioned questions to the phone number or e-mail address above. Your views count a lot and together we can sanitise the Nigerian education sector.

Aluta Continua, Victoria Acerta

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