JMG, Gen-Set Supplier Under Fire


A law firm, Professor A. B. Kasumu’s Chambers, has threatened a generator company operating from Lagos, Nigeria, JMG Limited, with a suit on behalf of its client, over a faulty generating set its client bought from the company.

The letter sent to the generator company, a copy of which was made available to P.M.NEWS, explained that one of the two 80 KVA generating sets bought by BHL Investment and Technology Ltd continuously broke down just few days after installation.

“When the first breakdown was reported, your engineers attributed the breakdown to the bad starter motor. Subsequent breakdowns were attributed to the faulty 12 DVR component and burnt transformer and wiring system of the generator,” said the law firm in the letter.

The letter further stated that all the breakdowns happened just within three weeks after the installation of the generator. It also complained that following the various faults, it was obvious that the equipment is unmarketable and defective.

The law firm also lamented that the generator supplied to its client was the manual panel mode rather than the automatic panel mode that was paid for.

It therefore demanded a refund of the money paid by its client or a replacement of the set.

However, a senior official of JMG Ltd, Mr. Tony Adesanya, in response, told P.M.NEWS that there is always an agreement reached by a customer and the company at the point of purchase.  He said part of the agreement is that the organisation would be in charge of the repairs of the generating sets so as to ensure that its parts are not destroyed by quacks.

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Mr. Adesanya also said that a six-month warranty is available to every generator bought by customers of the organisation.

“But sometimes, when the generators develop faults, the customers look for other people to repair them and would only come to us when much harm has been done,” he said.

He added that the company sometimes replaces faulty generating sets, but this follows due process and laid down rules by the company.

He denied that the company sells refurbished sets, adding that the generators are imported and only packaged with sound proof in Nigeria.

“You know the machines have electrical components that could suddenly develop problems. Our job is to rectify them and sometimes replace if need be. If anybody is complaining, let the person come and discuss with us and we would know what to do about it,” he said.

P.M.NEWS learnt that Professor Kasumu’s client, having lost faith in the two gen-sets supplied by JMG, has bought another set of generators.

—Eromosele Ebhomele

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