3-Year-Old Drowns In A Bucket Of Water


The drowning of a three-year old boy, Godswill Tom, in a half-filled bucket of water has left residents of 10 Barracks Road, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria, confounded

The lad, according to a source in the compound, was left alone in the house by the mother, Mrs Eto Tom, who went to the Ika-Ika Oqua market some two kilometres away while his dad, Tom, a furniture maker, was busy outside in his shop.

“When his mother left for the market, Godswill’s father was working outside but the woman did not tell him that she was going to the market and that Godswill was in the house,” a source in the compound who prefers anonymity told P.M.NEWS.

According to the source, when the woman came back, Godswill was found head buried inside the half filled bucket of water that was inside their house.

“ She met her son with the head deep inside the bucket and feet turned upwards stone dead as if propped up by a force he could not resist,” our source said.

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The source said it was amazing that the bucket did not tilt over even with the weight of the boy. “Even if he wanted to drink water, did he have to plunge his head into the bucket?” our source asked.

At the General Hospital Calabar, where he was rushed to, he was confirmed dead and as if there was some outside force propelling evil towards the family that day, while the distraught parents were lamenting the loss of Godswill, their eight year old daughter, Angela returned home from school bleeding profusely after the cane of her class teacher fractured her skull.

The corpse of the boy was then left in the house while Angela was rushed to the General Hospital again.

“Infact, the dead was left to take care of itself while Angela was rushed to the hospital to forestall another death,” another source said.

—Emma Una/ Calabar

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