The Clergy And Corruption (2)




Hmmmmmm! It is the season of reality. I started this series on religion for some things to be corrected. It has been a season of so many threats and verbal attacks. But it is okay. Like I always tell people, I will rather die fighting. People who fear death die pretty earlier than those who go out to fight.

Anyway ,I am not dying any time soon. For those of you praying dangerous prayers against me, God does not honour such prayers. He knows I am speaking His mind and the mind of the masses under your bondage because you have made a mess of His name all in the name of religion.

Guys, I don’t know if you feel what I feel. I don’t know how you feel when you see the name of God being used to defraud people. Are you comfortable seeing people being deceived into believing they are good Christians and Muslims simply by paying good tithes and taking fat offerings to the religious leader?

Someone sent me a text saying he wished I had written my article against the Imams so they can show me what suicide bombing is. According to this reader who is a pastor, I wrote that because the pastors are peaceful people. Sir, I am not afraid of dying for the truth. I was born a very daring woman. I don’t fear human beings, I fear God alone. I am writing on the Christian faith because I am a Christian and also a preacher of the gospel. My father is a pastor; my mum a pastor’s wife and they so much appreciate what I write. The truth must be told.

Terrible things are going on in the house of God. People are daily being misled. The pastors and their wives now play God. People are virtually worshipping them in place of God. The government tried putting a check on our churches and mosque sometime ago. How were they stopped? The pastors and church leaders were able to put fear in them, making them believe they were fighting God. How many of them are actually called by God? The real men of God don’t even bother so much about these things.

Last week, I met a pastor in a friend’s office. We got talking about my column. He came with the same word; don’t fight God’s servants. I then asked him a question; Sir, how many are really called by God? Everybody comes up with wonderful stories of their calling into ministry. They all want to have the best and most touching story when it comes to call for the ministry. Woe betides me if I see injustice and refuse to speak. I was also careful to remind him that my articles are not for attack of any sort, but for people to have the right information and for us to have changes in our society. Thank God, he saw reasons with me.

I have noticed that the pastors who are a bit honest are not doing so well in the ministry. It is very unfortunate that those who should have conscience are falling prey to those greedy ones. Right in that church where the pastor can afford to buy houses in Canada and the UK, there are people who cannot feed. There are graduates who cannot afford transport fare home as church workers. There are very creative and intelligent minds that have no one to sponsor their education. Daily on the pages of newspapers, we see babies dying for lack of funds for a minor surgery. We see people die because of surgery that would cost N500K. Yet we have people running to give their life savings to a pastor who has no justified reason for begging. My heart bleeds for Nigeria.

I see people buy more cars for their G.O. when the junior pastors in that same ministry cannot afford to feed their children and pay their school fees. You keep living your life for your pastor because you want to be his favourite in church. You follow him at the expense of your home. You know what, sir? Your pastor is impressed with you, but God isn’t. And for your information, the day you stop being his favourite is the day you go bankrupt.

I know you want all the titles in the church. I know you are part of the people sharing the money with the parish priest and branch pastor. You know why you are doing all those things. It may shock you to know that so many men have suddenly become gay partners of the pastor. So many of them are just pimp for their pastors and parish priests.

I remember some years back when a family friend divorced his wife because the pastor said so. This beautiful lady refused to follow her husband to that demonic house called church and that made the pastor tell the man to send her packing because she was demon-possessed. He later gave him another lady to marry. Just three months into that marriage, the man became sick and was hospitalized. The doctors wanted to give him some intravenous drugs, but the pastor instructed them not to. He later died.

Guys, so many of you are now walking corpses (sorry to say this), but you have suddenly become a total zombie because someone is using some manipulating powers on you. Most people believe they use the black powers, but I tell people it is not so in all cases. All they do is to work on people’s minds and make them feel useless and hell-fire-bound without them. It is unfortunate that most Christians don’t read their bible any longer.

I remember about three years ago, during a church meeting, a man stood up to protest against the buying of more vehicles and houses abroad for the General Overseer while the junior pastors are dying silently with no one asking after them. Sure you know what happened. The sycophants shouted him down, telling him it is his ministry and he has paid the price. Is this the same gospel Jesus preached?

A particular pastor somewhere around Oregun takes delight in buying cars, houses, new clothes and jewellery for the female members who are good-looking. He recently took someone’s fiance away from him through this same means. It is really sad.

We have been reading the story of Andy Ubah and Pastor Vedalago. I keep wondering why people are still in that her so-called church. How can any responsible pastor take someone’s husband and people still listen to her? When are the G.Os going to start training other pastors to take over from them when the unexpected happens? Church business is now a family affair. What has happened to the faith we received from the apostles? Even when their wives don’t know what is in the Bible, she takes over.

Some general overseers now give targets to their branch pastors on the amount to realise from the church monthly. Guys, we need to pity some branch pastors because, just like the bankers, they are under pressure from their taskmasters.

I keep wondering if these men of God don’t have even the smallest respect for God. What on earth will make someone come to the altar to lie in the name of God? A fellow pastor invites you to preach in his church and the next thing you ask him is whether he wants you to raise money. I was once invited by a church to minister and after the message the pastor told me he wanted me to raise money for them because the congregation was already touched by the teaching. Trust me, I immediately handed over the microphone to him and left the altar.

Oga pastor, that same Bible you use to deceive people says woe to those who say thus says the Lord when the Lord hasn’t spoken. Why do you have to lie just because you want to raise some money? I love the way my pastor does his things. He doesn’t come out to tell you God says hundred people will give N10,000 each. Calculate it. He simply comes out to tell you there is a need in the house and you can support with whatever you like. I give only when people talk that way.

These days every pastor wants to own a school. Most times the funds for the schools are from the church members who cannot afford to send their children to that same school because of school fees. I know of a pastor who has been with a ministry for years, laboured so much to help set up the school and helped develop the school curriculum. But now, his kids are in some other local school because he cannot afford the exorbitant fees. Is this the same gospel we received from the white missionaries? They treated the sick free of charge. They built schools and had the poor ones come in.

I am one person who supports the idea of the church being taxed. It is supposed to be a charity organisation that reaches out to rejected souls. I run an NGO and I do it the way it should be done. We have NGOs springing up from every corner of the country because the church has failed in her duty, though some NGOs enrich themselves with funds meant for the helpless. People used to come to church to seek refuge. People used to run to the church in their time of need and confusion. People without families used to find a new family in the church. What has suddenly happened to our churches?

Every pastor is after building the biggest auditorium with the money raised from widows and orphans. How many churches have people from different families and tribes as members of the board of trustees? Look into their registration details; it is the man as the president, the wife as the vice president, the daughter as the treasurer and the yet-to-be-born son as the other member. You don’t want to have another person in there and even when you decide to have one or two, they are just their as morons. Remember, God is a consuming fire.

I keep wondering why a man of God will constantly reprimand a young boy for not attending a youth meeting because he was reading for his exams. He will remind the young man that he has left the love and service of God for worldly things. But when it is his son’s turn to write an exam and the boy is constantly in church, this same man sends him home to read his books. A lot of youths are wasting away in the church. They have been made to forget their visions and dreams and spend twenty hours daily in church, helping to sustain the pastor’s own vision.

We call ourselves Christians but there is nothing like love in us. Someone automatically becomes your enemy because he refused coming to your church. Some pastors pray for evil to happen to their fellow pastors. Some sponsor negative publications against fellow pastors. G.O, You are performing all the miracles and deceiving people but heaven is still very far from you.

I pity people who run from place to place in search of miracles. My carpenter came to my office someday and told me what happened in his workshop. A pastor somewhere around Ojodu-Ogba took a carved image to him so he could bury it in the middle of the pulpit he was constructing for him. This is just few of those things they do for miracles and a large congregation.

I have to stop here for today as I await your attacks. But you know what? I am covered by the blood of Jesus so you better stay away, ha ha ha ha! For those pastors and their wives who love the truth and call to encourage and pray for me, I love you all. No voice calls please, strictly SMS. Have a fun filled weekend!!!

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