Civil Servants To Be Measured By Performance


Stephen Oronsaye , Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, has said that henceforth civil servants will be measured by their performance.

Oronsaye spoke at the Forum of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Abuja.

He said that President Jonathan Goodluck had approved a salary raise for civil servants with effect from July but that within that approval, performance had been built in.

“Civil servants are now going to be measured because what gets measured gets done.

“Before now, we have not told people that this is what you must deliver; so standards will be set, deliverables will be set, and once we get that right we will be able to move the service to where we want it to be,’’ Oronsaye said.

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He added: ”If I know that you are my boss and you are not competent, and you are just giving instructions and your human relation with people is bad, you may want to see me as not performing; it could be deliberate.

“There are also those who should not just be in the system; those who because they are not courageous cannot come out to say look, you are not fit. “

Oronsaye said that performance management was not something an individual woke up over night to do, adding that although they had a  model they considered the Kenyan model as the best.

“And we are collaborating with them to build a standard as an administrator; how we determine the job of an administrator is not easy, so the time given to set the framework is between now and December.

“For the Kenyan model, everywhere in that country, there is a list we call the shame list, so we now find people competing with one another by the time everybody knows that you can fall into the shame list.

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