Kajola, Nigeria’s First Sci-Fi Set To Premiere


Kajola, the first Nigerian Sci-Fi movie, is completed.

Coming from the stable of Adonis Production, the new movie is a futuristic and N130 million budget set to blaze the trail in terms of quality production in the Nigerian movie industry.

It will be premiered on 30 July in Lagos and later screened in cinemas around the country.


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to Commonwealth, the producers of the movie, Kajola,  is a computer generated images flick with Lagos as its plot and combines real images/camera shots of Lagos and abstract computer generated illustration to deliver a story shot in 2059.

“Kajola is the upcoming revolutionary action movie, complete with stunning Hollywood style visual effects,” stated the producers.

Directed by Niyi Akinmolayan with visual effects by Anthill, the movie stars comprise a crop of new actors such as Adonijah Owiriwa and Keira Hewatch, alongside Nollywood star Desmond Elliot.

Showbiz Trends learnt that there are also plans to take the movie around the world via film festivals and premieres.

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