Lagos Enforces Use Of Pedestrian Bridge


Several pedestrians had a herculean task using the pedestrian bridge at Ojota in Lagos on Thursday evening as the State Environmental Task Force commenced enforcement of  the use of  bridges.

The News Agency of  Nigeria (NAN) reports that pedestrians pushed and shoved one another in their bid to cross the bridge.

Unwary pedestrians  who flouted its use were, however, arrested by security officials.

A rainfall further complicated the situation as residents who had been at work and school came out at the same time.

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It took not less than 15 minutes for people to cross the bridge which is about 25 metres in length.

Many of the pedestrians expressed displeasure at the hardship they had to undergo to use the bridge, with a few expressing apprehension that pickpockets might exploit the situation to steal valuables.

A pedestrian, Yetunde Adebayo,  who was  irked by the hardship encountered crossing the bridge, said people prefer to cross the road at Ojota because of the condition of the bridge.

According to her, the uneven steps on the bridge make it dangerous as one could slip and fall while crossing.

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