Lagos PDP Is Intact


Asiwaju Segun Adeyemi is the Vice Chairman (East) of the Lagos State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). Here, he speaks about the state of things in the party and its preparedness for the 2011 elections

Q: What is the state of things in your party in the state now?
A: There is no more problem in the party. There are no longer factions, we are working together for the victory of the party in the forthcoming polls.

Q: How prepared is the party for the election?
A: We have constituted some committees to work towards the success of the party in the election. They include those on strategy and planning, finance and others. So we are preparing very hard for it. The committees, in conjunction with the central working committee (CWC) and the executive committee, is working very hard to ensure victory for the party in the state and I want to add here that come 2011, we are going to take over in Alausa by the grace of God.

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Q: How do you think this can be achieved considering the fact that the party in Lagos State seems to have gone to sleep lately?
A: It is not true that PDP in Lagos State has gone to sleep in recent times. We don’t need to be making noise all around because we are not at the centre. We are not in government and it is because you are seeing what Action Congress (AC) is doing across the state that makes you to think that we have gone underground. We are working so hard but you cannot know because we are not in government and maybe because you have not been seeing us building roads, demolishing houses and markets. So you cannot know about us. We are planning.

Q: How do you assess the AC government in the state?
A: Well, they are trying but there is still a lot more to be done. When Alhaji Lateef Jakande was in government, people said he was the best governor. After him came Sir Michael Otedola, who also tried his best and then my brother, Bola Tinubu. But when Fashola came into the limelight, people started to say he is the best, whereas he has not done enough, he still has a lot of work to do. He has only done 30 per cent of what is needed to be done in Lagos State and I am sure, when we get there, we are going to do better than they are doing now.

Q: Besides being the vice chairman, what future ambition are you nursing presently?
A: My ambition is for me and my colleagues in the PDP to win Alausa in 2011, that is all.

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