LGs Auditors-General Call For Audit Service Commission


The Conference of Auditors-General for Local Governments in Nigeria has called for the establishment of an audit service commission charged with the responsibility of audit staff and professionalism.

This was one of the decisions reached at the end of the last executive meeting of the Auditors-General which took place in Lagos recently.

According to a release signed by the conference chairman, Mr. M.M. Hassan, who is also the Auditor-General for Local Governments in Lagos State, the audit service commission would also be responsible for recruitment, promotion, training and discipline of audit staff.

Apart from this, the auditors-general also sought for power to publish their annual audit report after such reports have been considered by the state and National Assemblies Public Accounts Committees as the case may be.

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They are also seeking for constitutional amendment to include Auditor-General for Local Government in the country’ s constitution in terms of appointment, removal, tenure of office, duties and powers of the Auditor-General as applicable to the state Auditors-General and Auditor General of the federation.

The Auditors-General are also seeking for adequate funding through the provision of one percent of the LG’s allocations as a direct charge on the state and local government joint account for the office of Auditor-General for local Governments to fund its operations.

They also want adoption and continuous usage of appropriate training policies that will ensure quality manpower for improved audit reporting to guarantee public accountability and transparency.

“If these measures are put in place, it is our belief that the office of the Auditor-General for Local Governments in each state of the federation will be strengthened and its independence assured,” the statement concluded.

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