When Honourable Turn Pugilists…


What transpired on the floor of the NASS on June 22, 2010 is a reflection of the decadence and collapse in the moral fibre of our supposed custodians of law and moral values who lack the self discipline to radiate what they promote.

Truth is, those who understand much display greater simplicity of character; therefore, the recurrent imbroglio and shameful display of gross incompetence in the NAS justifies the fact that our honourables turned pugilists have but little understanding of why they are both lawmakers and leaders.

Giving credence to the fact that the Hon. Melaye-led progressives didn’t truly explore the internal machinery in registering its grievances as affirmed by the Honourable Bankole faithful, it yet didn’t warrant the suspension and subsequent abominable treatment meted to the 11. That was an egregious error of judgement on the part of the Speaker’s faithful. It is sore pesky to imagine our erudite lawmakers who we expect to be as vast in their code, exhibit great wits, maturity and patience in the resolution of conflicts resort to brute force as the ideal mechanism.

Taking not into cognizance the students on excursion who were HONOURABLY sitted made it the more humiliating and pathetic.

Is this not an indication that the ceremony of innocence is drowned in the NASS? Rather than attend to serious issues with such magnitude that yell for attention, or logical cases seeking redress or even offer a face-lift to moribund facilities and our parlous roads, our lawmakers prefer to siphon, bandy words and engage in fisticuffs.

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Dear honourable boxers, if you and family members are not, please note herewith that Nigerians especially the aged ones who via pains strove to cast their vote on your behalf  are ashamed of you. We are over fed with your show of shame you helmsmen that have transformed the deliberation complex to a world class boxing ring. Were your actions and conduct honourable, the security agents would not forestall the press attempt to capture your brand scene.

What legacy, what values, what impression are you dishing out to the aspiring youths? What happened to conscience? Where’s character? Have discipline and maturity gone extinct? To this end it behoves to assent that maturity is not always a question of age. Don’t you react with irritation should your actions be televised as an episode in Amaka Igwe’s Fuji House of Commotion.

I refuse to believe the bank of justice has gone bankrupt; without further ado, please, EFCC commence a probe on the allegation levelled against the Honourable Speaker, because behind almost every rumour lies a figment of truth. It is in this light I call  on other appropriate institutions to ensure sanity is restored to the house with such clarity.

As I drop my pen, it is pertinent to note that training and preparation are indispensable to excellent leadership. Thus every leader and aspiring ones should equip themselves. No one excels once he loses the confidence and trust of the people.

•Oride Japhet has just completed his NYSC.

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