Mainland LG Chair Worried Over Youth Restiveness


Chairman, Lagos Mainland Local Government Area, Rufus Oladele Adekanye, is worried over the worsening plight of the Nigerian youths, warning that no nation that genuinely aspires for global reckoning in development can afford to ignore the important place of the youth in nation building.

Adekanye told LG Circuit in a chat that the average Nigerian youth is despondent, unemployable, unemployed or underemployed, hence the recourse to sundry criminal activities.

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Blaming the political class for worrisome situation, Adekanye, also known as Lado, noted that the story would have been different if leaders had shown more commitment, urging them to work towards reversing the ugly trend.

“If Nigeria is to endure as a stable and progressive nation, then we all need to make concerted efforts to rescue our youths from the path of perdition,” Adekanye stated.

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