LASEMA Moves To Curb Hazards At Grassroots


The Lagos State Emergency Management Authority, LASEMA, has inaugurated Local Emergency Management Committee, LEMC, in all Local Governments and Local Council Development Areas of the state to reduce the impact of disasters at the grassroots level.

Chief Executive Officer, CEO, LASEMA, Dr. Femi Oke-Osanyitolu, disclosed that it is the responsibility of LEMC to prevent or reduce the impact of emergencies; ensure the preparedness of the community to tackle emergencies and provide an effective response to emergencies.

The committee will also undertake the emergency risk management process to identify and analyse local hazards and vulnerable communities and to provide for the recovery of the communities.

“It is undeniable that disaster management requires the participation and collaboration of all stakeholders, especially those at the LGs and LCDAs.  This is so because the impact of any disaster/emergency is always on the immediate communities.

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“If this is true, the wisest thing to do is to think ahead and have a solid mechanism in place, in anticipation of such emergencies, which often do not give warnings.  The inauguration of the committee only goes a step further to legitimise and formalise what we have been doing together,” he said.

Oke-Osanyintolu said the aim of setting up the committee was for it to be the first responders to emergency cases before government officials come to the scene to tackle the problem headlong.

“This appointment comes with responsibility. Since they do not give warning, ours is to be prepared and be ready to move into action everyday and every moment,” he stated.

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