BAD ROADS: Online Readers Blast Fashola


Online readers of P.M.NEWS have rejected explanations by the Lagos State governor, Babatunde Fashola, that the rain was responsible for the deplorable state of roads in the state, saying he is being economical with the truth.

Governor Fashola had at a retreat organised for commissioners and top officials of his administration blamed the rains for the current state of roads in the state and promised to do something about them immediately after the rainy season.

But most of our readers rejected his explanations and advised him to do away with political contractors being awarded road contracts, if he is actually interested in solving the problem of bad roads in the state.

Our readers called on him to stop blaming the rains because the roads were poorly constructed in the first place.

A reader who identified himself as Gerald, said some of the contractors currently handling road contracts in Lagos were not good enough, wondering why the contractors hired to construct roads in the 80s were not being used.

“Everything in Lagos has been politicised. I keep wondering why these contracts are not awarded to those that have been constructing roads way back in the 80s or are they no longer existing? Why use contractors from China? How many of our contractors are being invited to China for any contract? Why is our government always acting like the film making industry?” he asked.

Another reader, Ayode Deckys, also berated Governor Fashola, saying that with the introduction of the Bus Rapid Transport system (BRT), he didnt expect commuters to experience traffic congestion but the roads are so bad.

“The roads are so bad that from Orelope to Car Wash Bus Stop, you will spend hours before you can navigate the stretch of road. I don’t know why the governor did not complete the construction of that road?

“Look at the Car Wash junction, there is a big pothole that can damage your car, even if you slowed down,” he wrote.

Another reader,  Keem, said: “I strongly believe that the BRF-led government is trying its possible best to make living in Lagos State worthwhile. However, more than 50 percent of the chairmen of the local governments and local council development areas have performed below expectation.

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“One need to pay a visit to Owutu-Isawo and its environs in Ikorodu West Local Council Development Area to see the deplorable condition of the roads in the area.  I challenge the governor to visit these areas and assess the state of these roads.”

Also commenting on the state of the roads, an online reader who simply identified himself as Tunde said: “The contract value for the construction of the Lagos-Badagry expressroad is enough to turn the whole of Lagos into London, but my concern is that some of the roads are abandoned.

“I am not saying it is not good to do the Lagos- Badagry expressroad but my concern is that other roads in Lagos need to be taken care of. The Lagos-Badagry expressway contract should not be the priority now, after all, it is a federal road. The state roads are begging for repairs.”

Adeyemi Rotimi  also wrote: “More roads in Lagos are crying for urgent attention. I am appealing to Gov. Fashola and the Ministry of Works to please complete the road from Agric – Mile 2 at Volks in Ojo LGA which has been abandoned since 2009.

“This will tremendously reduce the daily suffering of motorists from Ojo Baracks to Iyana Iba who spend between two and three hours on the road without movement for a journey of not more than  five minutes. If Ojo Road to Agboju to Abule–Osun–Agric–Mile 2 at Volks is repaired, the traffic gridlock on the Mile 2–Badagry expressway will disappear,” said a reader, Iggy.

According to another reader, Adex: “The current deplorable state of roads in the state will destroy the goodwill currently being enjoyed by the governor. It is unfortunate that Lagos State is turning into one huge crater.

“Most of the roads being constructed today are no longer durable compared to what we used to have. Governor Fashola, kindly use your good office to select good contractors.  Eko o ni ba je.”

In his own comment, Ola stated: “Let us be candid, the truth must be told. Nothing has been achieved by the Lagos State Government as regards good roads, compared to the high tax being collected. All is bull shit; there is no mega city; everything is being politicised; they are all embezzling our money; coruption is the cause of this problem.

“As we can all see, all they do is to fight for money. God will judge them all and they will soon be forgotten. They should remember that irrespective of what they have, death is certain and nothing will be buried with them. Repent and do well. God helps us!”

—Kazeem Ugbodaga

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