Action Congress Courts Young Leaders In A Major Paradigm Shift


As against the controversy generated by the zoning policy of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the major opposition party, the Action Congress (AC) in a paradigm shift in politics has constituted a committee to scout for young leaders with new and fresh ideas.

The AC also set up another committee to review the work of the first one with a view to persuading a younger generation of Nigerians to seize the moment and fashion out creative and practicable solutions to the myriad of problems facing Nigeria.

These facts were disclosed this morning in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, by the National Chairman of the AC, Chief Bisi Akande, while addressing journalists during a press conference.

In his speech titled Shall We Let The PDP Set Nigeria Ablaze? Akande condemned the action of the PDP members who turned the party’s internal problem of zoning into a national discourse, by dissipating energy on which zone will present the next president of Nigeria.

“We watched PDP being pushed by a large pull of confusion that may rapidly swell into a flood of chaos,” Akande said, adding that if allowed to go unchecked, the PDP may allow its internal problem to lead to destabilisation of the country.

Akande said it was only by AC’s proposition to encourage young and purposeful leaders that Nigeria can achieve effective and permanent solutions to the problems facing the country.

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He reiterated: “The leadership of our party came to the conclusion that this shift will do the nation more good than PDP’s zoning because we believe that good and capable hands abound across the country, irrespective of geographical location or ethnic background.”

He said the party was already reviewing its manifesto to make it possible for it to align with other political associations who shared AC’s aims and aspirations like leadership and generational change.

Akande cited the Obama example in the US and added that in most countries of Europe and the rest of the world, people are clamouring for and targeting youths for leadership positions.

He explained that the qualities required of the new generation youth leadership would be publicised in the mass media that young Nigerians of good standing and impeccable record who subscribe to patriotic and progressive politics would feel free to join AC.

In pursuit of the new order, Akande said the youth wing of the party would be restricted to people under 35 years whereas in the past people over 50 years belonged to this cadre of politicians.

—Moyo Fabiyi

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