How I beat Pirates – Baba Oloyin


Sesan Adewusi a.k.a. Tantolorun Baba Oloyin Original has disclosed that the documentary, Secrets of Honey (Asiri Oyin), was not pirated because of his experience in the industry.

Speaking with P.M. ENTERTAINMENT, the ace poet said “there are two reasons why pirates find it difficult to pirate my video, Asiri Oyin. First, I knew all the pirates in Oshodi and Alaba and they know what Baba Oloyin is up to. They know what I can do if they dare try to pirate my work.

“The second reason is more technical. We know those we engaged in the technical aspect of the work like dubbing and label printing.”

He added that the video was not available in all stores but its distribution was restricted to some trusted agents to keep off pirates who masquerade as video dealers.

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Adewusi stated that even with the restriction of the sale of Asiri Oyin video, his first home video was an instant success.

He urged the public to buy the video from him or his approved agents and advised all buyers to keep the yellow label inside the video cover for future use.

—Moyo Fabiyi

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