Nomoreloss Is Project Fame Judge


Star singer, Nomoreloss, has been picked as one of the judges for the third season of MTN Project Fame.

The talented singer, who is known for his soulful and inspiring music, along with other judges, will be responsible for judging and assessing the performances of the contestants. Apart from evaluating their performances, he will also advise them on how to stage better performances.  

According to the media representative of Project Fame, Sodium Brand Solutions, “Nomoreloss was chosen to be a judge in the third season of Project Fame because judging from his songs and live performances over the years, he has revealled that he not only has a knack for writing great songs, he has also shown that he has intricate knowledge of music, especially in the area of live performances. And if you are familiar with the format of the show, high premium is placed on live performances of the contestants.”

And according to Ultima boss, Femi Ayeni, “Nomoreloss was chosen because of his wits, knowledge of the industry as well as consistency. We believe he will bring a lot of drama to the table.”

PF judges, since its introduction in Nigeria in 2008, have been known to give accurate and sometimes, stinging appraisal on the performances of the contestants. In most cases, their evaluation of these performances has tilted public opinion.

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Some of the judges of Project Fame include Kwame of Nigezie, super producer TY Mix and Bibie.

This year, Nomoreloss and his colleagues will take up their positions as judges of Project Fame and play their trusted role in commenting on the performances of the contestants.

Back for its third season, MTN Project Fame West Africa is already being aired on several Nigerian television stations and the opening gala night is on Sunday, 18 July.

Meanwhile, highlights from the auditions and semi-finals are now being shown all over Nigerian television stations starting from Monday, 12 July.

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