P.M.NEWS announces today the birth of citizen journalism, iWitness Reports. Wherever you live in Nigeria, the citizens can now report the events and oddities around them, using the same balanced and objective criteria that journalists use. Are your roads bad? Is your local council chairman wasting your money? Is the road contractor doing a shoddy job?

Is your area suffering from government neglect? Do you know any government department where public funds are being stolen?

Do you have bank details of corrupt government officials or information on the palaces they have built?

Have you witnessed a robbery, an accident, a murder, an oddity, a happening that is newsworthy?

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You can now report on all these, by yourself, by sending e-mail to [email protected], with photographs where available. Alternatively, you can send hard copy to P.M.NEWS offices at 27 Acme Road, Ogba, Ikeja.

Please include your contact details including phone number. Your contact details will not be published but are necessary for us to contact you for verification.

The pictures and reports will be published upon verification in print and online edition.

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