Don't Put Concoctions In Your Private Parts, Women Warned


A gynaecologist, Dr. Sikiratu Kailani, has warned women against the use of concoctions to firm up their vaginal muscles.

“In the process of tightening up the muscle of the vagina for male gratification, the linen could be destroyed,’’ she told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Monday.

A vagina that is supposed to be a tube could be glued together and even during menstruation, the fluid will not be able to pass through because the vaginal mucosa has been obstructed,’’ she said.

She said that sexual intercourse could also be obstructed, adding that the antidote to reopening the blocked vagina could then be through a minor surgery.

She also stated that under-age marriage contributed to the prevalence of Vesico Vagina Vistula (VVF)  in the country as the young woman could be faced with obstructed prolonged labour, because the pelvic bones in young women have yet to mature.

“Such young mothers would have problems when they carry a baby that is of average size, that baby may not be able to pass through the pelvic which is not yet mature,’’ she said.

Kailani said that there is a connection between traditional practices and VVF in parts of the country particularly in the northern part.

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“The tradition in some parts of the country is that a woman must labour at home and deliver on her own.

“This shows a sign of femininity in her strength and in the process, it gets prolonged, resulting in VVF,’’ she said.

She explained that the other common traditional practice is the `Gishiri’ cut, a way of treating prolonged labour at home.

According to her, some birth attendants believe that prolonged labour is due to a small birth canal, and in the process of labour, such women open up the canal with razors or knives, destroying tissues, especially the urine pipe, as well as infecting the birth canal.

“In their own understanding, they think if they cut the outer part of the private part, it would increase the passage for the baby to come out through and in the process, they cause injury to the urine pipe and create an abnormal connection between the bladder and the vaginal,” she said.

“This belief may not be true, it may be that the baby’s head is not well positioned and there is nothing that could be done except the woman is delivered by Cesarean section.

“Episiotomy is a clean surgical procedure that midwives and doctors who do anatomy apply,’’ she explained.

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