3 Houses Sealed, Reopened, For Flouting Sanitation Law


Houses number 8, 10 and 12 on Gaskiya College Road, Badia in Apapa/ Iganmu Local Council Development Area of Lagos State, South West Nigeria, were sealed off by the Environmental and Health Unit of the council for failure of the residents of to participate in the monthly environmental sanitation exercise and other sanitation offences.

Dr. Adesola Samuel Adedayo, the council chairman, who led Environmental Sanitation Gangs, a youth voluntary association and other residents of the area to observe the exercise, gave the order for the seal off of the houses when his effort to persuade the occupants of the buildings to participate in the exercise was rebuffed.

Mr. Akeem Adeoye, the council’s Chief Environmental and Health Officer, who sealed off the buildings, said their reopening could only be determined by the law court.

Although the council chairman later gave order for the reopening of the houses at the end of the exercise, but warned the occupants to always partake in the exercise and ensure that they keep their environment clean at all times.

Speaking with Lagos Bulletin after the exercise, Adedayo stated that the occupants of the sealed buildings did not know the consequences of not participating in the exercise, saying that most Lagosians see it as government’s affair, which, according to him, should not be so, adding that it is the duty of individuals to clear their surroundings to prevent outbreak of epidemic.

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He stated that several strategies and mobilisation processes have been put in place to ensure that residents of the council area participate in the monthly exercise.

He added that the council will increase its public awareness and advocacy in ensuring that all the residents participate fully in the exercise.

“Cleaning of our environment during environmental sanitation exercise is not the local or state governments’ affair, it is the duty of all residents to ensure that they participate in the exercise. All hands must be on deck to make our environment cleaner,” declared the council chief.

Adedayo, however, said there is significant improvement in the environmental situation of the council area, although he said it is yet to get to where he wants it to be, but promised not to rest on his oars until the area becomes the envy of others.

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