Students Raise Alarm Over School Condition


Students of Lagos State University (LASU) External System have cried out over lack of basic learning facilities in the school, calling on government and other relevant agencies to come to their aid before it gets worse.

The students in the satellite campuses have accused the school’s external system management of toying with their future by making things difficult for them, alleging that they suffer like slaves in a baracoon while the management lives a life of  luxury with their money.

Speaking with Campus Square, the President of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), Anthony Campus, Comrade Dada Shadrack, said despite the huge amount paid by students, the management has failed to provide basic learning facilities in the school.

According to him, “in Anthony Campus alone, we have close to 20,000 students and in all the campuses, there are over 70,000 students. An average student pays between N50,000 and N70,000 per session but the effect of the money we pay is not reflecting.”

Shadrack added: “Every session, we pay N1,000 student Identity Card that is never issued to us. Since my first year, I have not got an identity card. We paid for e-library and internet services, but there is nothing of such, even the public address system (PAS) on campus is not functioning and the whole school atmosphere is not conducive for learning.”

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In a statement signed by nine representatives from all the satellite campuses, the students further alleged that most of them don’t have information about their grade point (GP).

One of the students, Balogun Almin, said a final year student should know what he is graduating with, but in LASU external system, a final year student doesn’t know his GP.

The students therefore unanimously agreed that the institution’s external system must not admit students for the next five years and called on government to set up a panel to investigate all the complaints.

They also called for immediate graduation and provision of results and certificates to graduated students of all the external systems (part-time) from 2001 till date, particularly Anthony Campus, as it is the largest comprising about 20,000 students.

All efforts to speak with the management of the external system proved abortive as at the time of filing this report.

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