Goodluck To Jonathan But Not On Obasanjo’s Recommendation


Kayode Ogundamisi

Recently I heard someone say that history will record Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo as one of the greatest Nigerians ever. Whao! I felt my bowels do a somersault as my heart raced down to the pit of my stomach. Over and over I’ve heard people say that life is a bitch sometimes and it’s even full of revulsion but this is the mother of it all! Why in the world must fate always deal us terrible blows that leave scars that are just too hard to cope with?

So much has been said about the life and times of Gen Olusegun Obasanjo and more often than not we’ve found ourselves burdened with roller-coaster rides that we don’t need. The tragedy of it all is that we always find ourselves terribly bruised and battered at the end of each ride. Then, just as we hope we can catch our breath and heal from the bashing, he begins another ride, dragging us in without our consent.

We do our best to get over his re-emergence in this republic. We all must take responsibility for his second coming because we all were not paying enough attention to what was not so obvious and evident about this man.

He did a bang job of keeping dirt in our eyes by posturing as a David who just went through the valley of the shadow of death and was blessed to come out with his life. Of course a man who had tangoed with death should know how to live life better and show respect for his life and that of others. After all the sun was already setting on him and one would assume that a man who has been given the opportunity to re-write the story of his will make sure that every line is written in gold.

But we should have read the hand writing on the wall! I remember small talk and laughter that was milling around the camp of the PDP during the campaigns about how uncultured and crass Obasanjo was in his private space; he would throw a sandal at his wife because she erred. Some even said he was a jolly good fellow who was yet to recover from the psychological impact of prison life.

Now we know better as we watch this same man run wild in our political space in the last decade.

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Going around like nothing short of an irredeemable psychopath, he has broken every law of human decorum and shocked us all beyond measure. It wasn’t enough that he ruled Nigeria like a megalomaniac on rampage in his household, when he realised that he could not perpetuate himself, he decided to cripple the country with his choice of successor. He made sure that because he couldn’t continue abusing Nigeria, nobody else would do it good.

We all know what has happened. We all heard him calling on God to punish him if he did what we accuse him of. Now fate has turned a new leaf for us and he is back with his malevolent inspiration to desecrate it. What makes Obasanjo think he could do just anything and get away with it? Who is the Babalawo that gives him the guts to go on kicking dirt into our eye? God certainly can’t be part of such evil; who is Obasanjo’s babalawo?

I remember an athlete called the Undertaker back then during the World Wrestling Federation; he was simply invincible. He had Paul his vampire who smoked the arena and did the entire spook he needed to do for the undertaker to stay strong and beat his opponent! Suddenly the other athletes got wiser and decided to take-out Paul and destroy his magic jar before the fight; that was the day the undertaker was de-mystified and trounced mercilessly. It’s time we sought out the vampire or babalawo who is beating the ugly drums Obasanjo is dancing to publicly. The man must not be allowed to dance into 2011. Let him carry his Goodluck to hell and leave Nigeria alone! Let him leave Goodluck Jonathan alone to chart a path for himself and for Nigeria.

Let him who is being deceived that Obasanjo can deliver the people of South West Nigeria in a twinkle of an eye rethink again. We have learnt our lessons; Obasanjo is not the best salesman for free and fair election. The God Father of “do and die” politics should be told in very clear and loud terms that his Messiah is not our Messiah.

We have learnt from the misadventure of Umaru Yar’Adua and the PDP. Nigerians will come out and vote not for the God Father’s candidate but for the man with the answer to the plague confronting our nation and a solution for all of Nigeria. We are going to turn the page.

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