Lagos AC Welcomes Members to AC Convention, Warns Aspirants


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress welcomes its members from all over the country to its National Convention holding in Lagos on Monday, August 9th 2010.

The party wishes its delegates drawn from all over the federation a happy and fruitful convention in the nation’s masterpiece, Lagos .

In a release in Lagos , signed by the party’s Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the AC, Joe Igbokwe, the party says that it expects a very fruitful convention that will change for the better the face of Nigerian politics. It expresses the desire that the convention will satisfy the yearning of Nigerians for a vibrant platform to exorcise the spirit of the PDP, which has been tormenting the country for the past eleven years from the body polity.

“We wish to remind our party members and supporters that the agenda of the convention include; Change of Name, Amendment of Party Constitution, Amendment of Party Manifesto and Change of Motto, Emblem, Flag and Slogan. We see these as necessary steps towards building an all-embracing party that will stand in good stead to challenge the vice grip with which the PDP has nearly suffocated life out of our dearly beloved country.

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“Lagos AC is of the belief that the up-coming convention will herald good tidings to Nigerians and will fire the expectations of Nigerians for a great political platform that will replace the PDP and banish the scary nightmares of the past eleven years. We know that from the convention, our great party will emerge stronger and more prepared for the important 2011 election.

“However, Lagos AC wishes to warn its members that the convention should not be a forum for political campaigns and as such, we want to let our party aspirants know that campaign tee-shirts, drumming, posters, unnecessary political noise and all other sloganeering are banned at the convention. We want all out teeming members, aspirants and supporters to respect this rule and ensure that the convention achieves all the serious intents it proposes to achieve.

“Once again, Lagos AC welcomes our party members and delegates to the wonderful megacity of Lagos . We feel honored hosting this epochal convention and we want our members to savour the goodies of Lagos and lift their heads high that our great party is meeting the expectations of not only Lagosians but Nigerians as a whole.”

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