Ramadan Begins


Muslim faithful all over the world may begin the annual Ramadan fasting tomorrow.

Ramadan, the annual month of fasting by Muslims, is expected to commence tomorrow, if  the moon is sighted today to indicate the beginning of the new Islamic month.

According to the Islamic rites, if the moon is sighted today Muslims this evening are expected to commence the special prayers, called Tarawih, which are held in the mosques every night of the month, during which a whole section of the Qur’an  is recited .

Many Muslims have been organising lectures in preparation for the month which is regarded as the holy month when Muslims are to focus on self-reformation, spiritual cleansing and enlightenment through prayer, supplication, charity, good deeds, kindness and helping others .

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Since it is a festival of giving and sharing, Muslims have been going for shopping to prepare special foods and to buy gifts for their family and friends and to give alms the poor and needy .

Fasting in the month is the fifth pillar of Islam  in which Muslims are mandated to refrain from eating, drinking and sexual activities from dawn till sunset.

—AdeWale Kazeem,  Jeminat Adamson & Olamilekan Taiwo

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