Women And Lesbianism



Last week, I started talking about homosexualism and I am happy with the kind of responses I got from the readers. Text messages and calls were coming in from all parts of the country, commending my courage to write what so many shy away from. But in the midst of all these, I was shocked when I got a text from a woman, encouraging homosexuality. I just pity this generation of African children, where women now find themselves doing what they should be working very hard to stop.

This is one topic that is long overdue, but I had to give it time to understudy these women and get used to their mode of operation.

Being a public figure, I get lots of toasters, both male and surprisingly, female and being in the beauty business has also afforded me the opportunity of mixing up with several kinds of people, gay and straight. I remember women coming into the massage room and ask for my cleaner who has no knowledge of aromatherapy. Why do they do this? The cleaner, unlike the skin therapist, does whatever they asked her to do.

I remember meeting with a lady in Shoprite. This lady who was picking some items from the same shelf with me, suddenly greeted me with a smile. We got talking and then she started to ask some intimate questions. After some time, she realised I am not one of them and finally before she left, she said “you are too beautiful not to be a lesbian.”

Some other time, I was in my office talking with my staff when my phone rang. This particular lady called previously, claiming she needed our service. But when she called back for her booking, she went into something totally out of it. She asked if I have a very close female friend. I told her I don’t have any woman too close to me. I left my phone on speaker because I was busy with my hands. So many questions came from her, ranging from marriage to children, business trips and midnight calls. I later politely ended the conversation.

Then came this incidence that took place just few weeks back. I was with a friend when some lady called, asking for permission for midnight calls. I immediately told her I hate midnight calls, but on a second thought, I knew I needed to gather enough information for this article and I accepted to talk with her at midnight, although a tough very sacrifice indeed.

She called at exactly 12.15 a.m.Yes, she wasn’t too free with me because she kept on reminding me of the games journalists play with people, but I did my best to make her open up. I asked to know how she got into the practice of lesbianism. Friends, it was the school mother who got her into it. This is the reason mothers have to be very careful when it comes to the choice of schools and relationships.

I know of a particular all girls’ school where lesbianism has become a norm. I remember doing my best for a friend to change her mind when she wanted to send her daughter to that school. But the school is one that so many parents are crazy about and that made my friend to insist on having her daughter pass through it. Just after one term, my friend called to let me know her daughter was no longer there.

Back to my story, this lady, who is a dedicated church worker, called me for this filthy talk right from her room in camp, where they went for a Christian gathering. According to her, she is presently in a relationship with two sisters who are now enemies because of her.

We keep hearing of our actresses who are into this shameful act. Recently, we heard of a female senator who bought a Range Rover SUV for a lesbian partner who is an actress. Just last week, my friend told me a story about two women in VGC, who moved out of their homes, left their children and moved into a new house as man and wife. What is this world turning into?

A particular woman around Omole goes out of her way to even rape women in her house. This very fat woman also has another friend who can spend her last on women. Some years back, this lady, a mother, had the mind to abuse a secondary school girl. The mother of this girl who saw her daughter’s body changing drastically had to beat her and this made her to open up. The woman went to fight her but the damage had been done. This same lady also abused a little girl of about 12, who visited her daughter. In the absence of her daughter at home, this evil woman made the little girl suck her. Mother, please be careful when it comes to your children paying visits to their school friends. A lot of these children, just like their mothers, are into so many evils.

I had to run away from a woman who was close to me in a women’s fellowship I used to belong. This woman, who is an executive member of this fellowship, now hates me and says all kinds of rubbish against me without people knowing why she is doing that. I got into her house some day and sat in the sitting room. Suddenly, this lady took my face to kiss my mouth, but God helped me, I was able to run for my dear life. That was my last visit to her house.

So many of these society ladies have sent several text messages to me, asking me to name my price. I am sure I am not the only one who has been through this experience. Yours could even be worse than mine. A friend told me about a party she attended. This party was hosted by a woman for a fellow woman and got to a point that lights were turned off and then everyone with her lesbian partner. Trust my friend, she ran out immediately.

Please, be more cautious when you are invited to that “all-girls-night-out”parties. Don’t always trust women who throw big parties for their friends. In most cases, those friends are nothing but their lesbian partners.

So many women now hide under the guise of best friends to cover up their different atrocities. I recently heard of a particular woman who had her lesbian partners fight over her when they travelled on business to the USA.

Lesbianism is not a new thing in town. It has always been there, it is just that it has become more rampant. I remember seeing some girls in my secondary school days fall upon themselves and press their boobs all in the name of play. In our innocence, we believed they were only being playful, but now, I know better.

Right now in Enugu, they have a particular club where they meet every Friday for their meeting and networking. One of them recently stabbed her partner for leaving her for another woman. Is this not the end of the world?

Women who practise lesbianism came up with several reasons for getting involved in it. According to them, women are naturally more sensitive to other people’s need and therefore sex is better with them both emotionally and physically.

Some say girls are more tender and loving than a man with his hard skin and hairs, but women are more creative and versatile lovers, who make you enjoy yourself without your man doubting your faithfulness.

You enjoy yourself without the fear of pregnancy as a  woman knows what a fellow woman wants in bed better than a man, while it is a way of achieving independence from men.

Male sexual performance—20 minutes with a man, 60 minutes with a woman. A woman has more sustained energy level after orgasm and is likely to know what to do if she is not satisfied.

There is this particular one that told me: “Amara, you speak against it because you have never experienced it, if you do, nothing else will matter more than time spent with her.”

Girls, do you see the level of demon possession of this world? So many of our pastors’ wives are into this act that I see as the greatest level of insanity when a woman stops getting attracted to a man and then decides to settle for a woman. It is better you get your husband to satisfy you in bed than for you to begin to do all those filthy stuff with a fellow woman.

You may be thanking God now that you are not part of it, but know what? It is becoming more rampant and you may find yourself into it soonest.

Stop visiting all those sex sites on the internet, while you show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

Watch out for any warning signs for that woman who is very close to you and be careful what you watch on television and read from books.

Remember, it is a battle of the mind and if you are able to hate it passionately and stay away from all appearances of that evil, you won’t be caught up in the web. Beware, a lot of women are daily being initiated into this wicked cult.

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