Gulder Ultimate Search Goes To Ijebuland


Nigerian Breweries Plc has unveiled plans for this year’s edition of its highly entertaining youth empowerment television reality show, “The Gulder Ultimate Search.”

The setting this year will be the “undulating plains of the Ogun Forestry Plantation, Project Area J4, Omo Forest Reserve in Ijebu East LGA, Ogun State.

The popular reality show in its seventh series is coming with a refreshingly new twist.

Speaking at a press conference held in Lagos yesterday, Yusuf Ageni, Corporate Affairs Adviser of Nigerian Breweries Plc said the participants in the show are in for a raw deal as it has been designed in a way that the Nigerian TV audience would not only be entertained, but would have something to take away from it.

“If the search for the ‘Horn of Valour’ and more importantly ‘Golden Goblet’ was very challenging and exciting, then, you haven’t seen anything yet. In line with our promise to always be at the forefront of innovation, the Ultimate show is coming to your screens once again but, this time, with a refreshingly new twist”, he emphasized.

“ This search will not be for the faint-hearted, it will not be for the timid. Only the fearless and determined 10 will go into the woods of Project J4 Forest. Only these ‘League of Ultimate men’ will enter this forest so dense even sunlight struggles to permeate. These men and ladies will battle against nature and the wild.  Only one will be crowned ‘The Ultimate Hero’.”

The winning prizes for GUS are unparalleled in the history of brand promotion in Nigeria. The brave individual who emerges as the ‘Ultimate Man/Woman’ will be rewarded with a cash prize of N7 million, a wardrobe allowance of N500,000 and a brand new SUV that is at the market value of N10 million.

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“The prizes are carefully chosen not only for the purpose of winning, but for the economic empowerment of the Nigerian youth. It is our way of contributing to the financial empowerment of the Nigerian youth, so that they can use their winnings to do something meaningful with their lives,” said Edem Vindah, Media and Public Affairs Manager, NBplc.

Ezugo Egwuagu won the maiden edition of Gulder Ultimate Search in 2004. He went home with N3 million cash prize. The second edition was won in 2005 by Lucan Chambliss who went home with a cash prize of N5 million.

In its third season in 2006, a brand new Ford Explorer was added to the cash prize of N5million for the last man standing. The ultimate man that year was a slim looking young man, Hector Jobarteh.

Dominic Mudabai won the fourth edition in 2007. He went home with a cash prize of N5 million and a brand new Ford Explorer. However, in 2008, the ultimate brand decided to increase the winning prize again for the Ultimate man. The last man standing in that year’s edition Michael Nwachukwu, went home with a winning prize of N7 million cash and a new SUV.

In the sixth edition, themed the ‘Horn of Valour’ and held last year at Aagba Village, Osun State, The Ultimate Man, Uche Nwaezeapu, went home with N7 million cash prize, a wardrobe allowance of N500, 000 and a new SUV.

—Funsho Arogundade

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