Nigeria Leads Africa In Internet Use


With 43 million internet users, Nigeria has surpassed Egypt, Morocco, South Africa and Kenya as the largest Internet market in Africa.

A recent report by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) said 40 percent of all Internet traffic from Africa comes from Nigeria.

Nigeria is now both Africa’s largest mobile and Internet market. Nigeria takes over from Egypt and Morocco, which have been among the highest Internet user rates in the region, with Egypt having about 12.6 million people with access to the Internet while Morocco has 10.3 million.Both Kenya and Algeria have 3.5 million internet users.

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Facebook, Google and Yahoo are the top three most visited Web destinations by Nigerians. News of the report presents great opportunity for advertisers seeking to engage consumers across Nigeria using the Internet.

“Nigeria telecom sector is progressing because the Nigerian Communication Commission is very effective. Most regulators in Africa are not effective when it come to policy implementations,” said Amos Kalunga, a telecom analyst from the Computer Society of Zambia.

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