PPPRA’s Pact With Tank Farm Owners Lauded


The Jetty and Petroleum Tank Farm Owners of Nigeria (JEPTFON), has lauded the Memorandum of Understanding  (MoU) it recently signed with Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA).

In a statement, the president of JEPTFON, Patrick Ifeanyi Uba, congratulated members, describing the MoU as a victory meritoriously won.

Uba said it was a major milestone achievement in the life of JEPTFON, stating that it has demonstrated that there is strength in unity and that it is important for all members to come together to foster the association’s interest.

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He said JEPTFON’s destiny lied in the hands of its members as they can stand up and defend their rights.

Uba noted that going to PPPRA as individuals, members of the association could not have achieved what they did as a corporate entity.

The JEPTFON leader hoped that the group would achieve greater heights in the nearest future by taking the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry to a higher level that will be the envy of all.

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