Cleric Counsels On HIV


A Fagba-Agege Lagos State-based cleric, Pastor Dr. Solomon Olukunmi Ajao, has counselled HIV positive people not to panic since this could make them become hypertensive which is a deadlier disease.

Speaking with P.M.NEWS at his church after a programme, Prophet Ajao also advised medical doctors to be wary of how they break the news to HIV and hypertension to patients.

He said the mere notification that some people were HIV positive was enough for them to develop hypertension which could lead them to their graves later than sooner.

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“Medical doctors should find a subtle means of informing patients who live with the HIV virus and if possible, treat hypertension patients without informing them,” Ajao advised.

The cleric also advised people to seek spiritual guidance and support for these killer diseases immediately they noticed that they live with any of them.

He stated that where a medical doctor informed an HIV positive person carelessly of his status, such patient would develop hypertension instantly and the latter is more deadlier than the former.

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