Group Moves To Prevent Blindness


The Lagos branch of the Nigerian Optometric Association, NOA, through its non-governmental organisation, Save A Sight Foundation, has started installing vision corridors in various parts of the state.

The vision corridor is a self-testing wall where people can do a vision check of one’s eyes at a time, at a specified distance of six metres from the device.

The Foundation in conjunction with the state Ministry of Health unveiled the fourth vision corridor yesterday at the Ikeja Local government Secretariat,

Speaking at the event, Chairperson of the Lagos branch of the NOA, Dr. Eniola Ajayi said the objective of the vision corridor “is to reduce avoidable blindness through self testing in all our communities. The vision corridors will be installed in all the local government areas and other public places such as markets, churches, mosques in the state.” Ajayi explained that the vision corridor will reveal the most refractive error conditions and blinding conditions, adding however, that the device has its limitations.

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“Vision corridors will help to bring to light most refractive error conditions and blinding eye conditions. It is important to know that it will not fish out all eye conditions such as glaucoma. It can never replace a proper eye examination at a certified eye clinic.

“The whole idea is to get people to take action on time once they have an inkling that they may have an eye problem.

—Paul  Dada

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