Lagos PDP Berates LASG Over Alleged Negligence Of Slum Areas


•Owolabi Salis.

The Lagos State wing of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has berated the Fashola-led administration of Lagos State, over the abysmal environmental decay of notorious slum areas in the state.

•Owolabi Salis.

This declaration by the opposition party in Lagos State came in the wake of an elaborate expose in the media, which painted the pitiable sorry state of the inhabitants of Ijora-Badia and Golugo in Oworosoki, who daily contend with the gory spectacle of poverty, filth, misery, squalor and an appalling, total government absence in those markedly destitute areas of the state.

A PDP governorship aspirant, Barrister Owolabi Salis, who spoke on behalf of the party, said it was unfortunate that the situation in those areas, which dated back to ages, had witnessed a progressive degeneration of unprecedented proportion, particularly during the epoch of the present administration and its immediate predecessor.

This, according to him, is unfortunate, considering the avowed confession of government to transform Lagos to an enviable mega city.

He said the party views with utmost grave concern, the rottenness, decay, filth, rubbish and squalor in those aforementioned areas, which make the soul cry to high heavens.

“The formidable army of mosquitoes and flies which compete for space with the residents, the open field of shanties, the revoltingly water logged scenario, the high rate of crime and prostitution and hemp smoking coupled with acute infrastructure poverty of those areas, are indeed such that make a compelling case for an emergency intervention of the powers that be, in those hitherto forsaken areas,” said Salis, noting, however, that the powers that be in this otherwise premier state of the federation could comfortably fold arms amidst the rottenness which typifies the reality of human existence in these areas, stands as an apt summation of where the interest of the ACN-led administration of Lagos State actually lies and which is certainly not with the downtrodden.

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Speaking in similar vein of his experience during a campaign tour of Alimoso Local Government, he declared that he was appalled by the infrastructure poverty in the area which he described as a colossal disaster.

“All that greeted my sight on this particular occasion were the horror of make shift bridges, which were so frail and precariously positioned and therefore, inimical to safety. Indeed, it will be no exaggeration to describe them as a disaster waiting to happen,” said the US-based politician.

“The state of roads itself were in such a pitiably sorry state that a journey which normally would not have taken up to 15 minutes was to consume an excruciating two hours of stressful manoeuvres along undulating stretch of untarred dangerous bump of makeshift roads, that made movement from one place to the other within the town such a lamentably painful experience.

“There is, indeed, no gainsaying the fact that these scenarios stand as an unfortunate metaphor of the unpardonable dereliction of grievously staggering proportion to which the ACN-led administration of Lagos State has subjected the people of Ijora Badia, Golugo and Alimoso, among others,” affirmed Salis.

Against this background, the Ikorodu-born politician described the appalling scenario in the aforementioned areas as a corroborative reminder of the affirmation of the Lagos State wing of the PDP that the ACN-led administration of Lagos State runs a merely cosmetic administration.

This, according to him, is because governance that is bereft of a grassroots thrust can not be said to represent the true will and aspirations of the people and, indeed, a government that sacrifices the interest of the masses on the parochial alter of narrow elitist consideration, can certainly not be said to be worth its salt.

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