Politics Of The Vultures


Politics: The management of the affairs of men is my ordinary understanding of what politics is.

Vulture: This is a large bird that differs from eagles and hawks in having the head and neck more or less bare of feathers. The plumage is often untidy. It feeds on dead animals and carrion. There are the European, Asia, American and African vultures.

A hybrid and rare specie of vultures has progressively metamorphosed in Africa and specifically in Nigeria and it is the Vulture politician. Because of the way and manner through which they came into existence, the vulture politicians are oblivious of the truth about the Almighty God – the Creator of the entire universe. They instead make deity of Satan and his evil demons and worship them.

Politics is the management of the affairs of men and Healthy Politics is one piloted by the righteous. The reverse is politics piloted by vultures. The vulture politicians do not get involved in anything that promotes life and living because they thrive on cadaver and therefore insist on promotion of decadence. To further strengthen their activities, the eagles among them show off their strength and staying power. The Bible draws a line between the two types of politics: “The thief cometh not but for to steal, and to kill and destroy”. This is Satan’s politics which is the politics of the vultures. The politics of the righteous is “I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly”.

There is a Biblical inference: “And these are they which ye shall have in abomination among the fowls; they shall not be eaten, they are an abomination:” (Leviticus 11:13). The Vulture politicians are an abomination and they dominate Nigeria’s partisan politics. They must be avoided, but to do this is impossible as they represent a virus infection and like we know, viruses are difficult to identify but their effects remain destructive and devastating.

The abominable vulture politicians, the owls, the eagles and their ilk with one common goal gather themselves together and take over control of partisan politics in Nigeria to ensure the existence of an enormous carcass nation that they can devour. They have an owl tacitly acknowledged as leader sitting over their whole maneuvers. No one openly accepts the owl as the leader but they all at different crucial times stay in consultation with the owl and the owl calls the shots. “There shall the great owl make her nest, and lay, and hatch, and gather under her shadow; there shall the vultures also be gathered, every one with her mate.” (Isaiah 34:15)

The Nigerian vulture politician would not stay in any healthy political party that does not offer enormous carcasses. For this reason every effort is made to ensure that there is not one healthy political party in Nigeria. All the political parties in Nigeria strive to make corpses out of a living Nigeria. This is why the universal or mandatory political programme of all Nigerian political parties is “Kill, Steal and Destroy” which adulterates Satan’s politics of “Steal, Kill and Destroy”. The incredible vulture politicians of Nigeria are amazingly able to corrupt that which they inherited from their political godfather Satan and his evil demons. The corrupted philosophy and policy is “Kill, Steal and Destroy”: What a people of great despicable ingenuity?

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How do we rate politicians who are able to so brilliantly corrupt Satan’s avowed and unwavering philosophy and practice? They certainly must be more than geniuses. These geniuses abound in the dreadful partisan politics of Nigeria and this is the bedrock of Nigeria’s problems. Turn left, turn right, look forward look backwards in partisan politics of Nigeria you find these vulture politician geniuses sparkling in devilment. It seems to have passed the stage of ‘beat them’. It is now ‘join them’. This is what inspires irresponsible carpet-crossing and prostituting from one evil party to a greater evil party.

In Nigeria a political party is a conglomerate of pockets of vulture politicians and their cohort racketeers, fibster, owls and eagles known as ‘structure’. The structures make up political parties. The eagles among them power the efforts of the vultures and ensure that all the parties have a common goal but deceitfully take on different names and identify with different tribes and religions.

The Vulture politicians have to kill our refineries, incapacitate our source of electricity supply, disable our railway and airways; allow our roads to degenerate; destroy NITEL; corrupt our banks; devalue our currency; shut down industries; disorganise our education system; corrupt our judiciary; humiliate our police. In one statement: Turn them into carcasses to enable the vultures steal huge sums of money budgeted or meant for resurrecting and developing the ailing and aging facilities. The name of the policy is “Kill, Steal and Destroy”.

The Nigerian vultures in politics, the eagles and owls among them do not fly to places where there are no carcasses. They first ensure that the body is killed before they invite their colleagues to go looting to ensure lasting destruction. This explains why corruption can never be tamed in Nigeria while the vultures wield political power.

Take Lagos State for example where a dove tried to do it differently to bring life to the people with the zeal to progressively make it abundant. It was interpreted as a sacrilegious political venture and an unpardonable deft political stride.  These clever jacks are swift at quoting what prevails in American and British politics when it suits them for purpose of deceiving Nigerians. They never show the least tendency at emulating those two countries in propagating democracy and unfettered justice.

At 50 Nigeria is still wallowing in foolishness and shamelessly lying to the people without knowing that the game is almost over.

•Rev. Dr. Moses Iloh is president, Eclectic Network

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