LASG Reassures Lagosians On Jibowu Axis Of Ikorodu Road


The Lagos State Government on Monday reassured motorists and members of the general public on its resolve to ensure prompt rehabilitation of the Jibowu end of the Ikorodu Road which is currently waterlogged as a result of inadequate drainage system.

Presenting a work plan to the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN), this morning, the acting Managing Director, Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport (LAMATA), Engr. Abiodun Fajobi, unfolded both the short term corrective measures that will make the road motorable within the next one week as well as the long term permanent solution by LAMATA to complete the drainage work and provide stone base and asphalt.

He further called on members of the public to bear with the state Government as all hands are on deck to generally intervene in similar situations occasioned by the rains, adding that at the moment work is going on in virtually all major parts of the city.

Meanwhile, Governor, Fashola on Sunday called on all Nigerians to participate fully in the forthcoming 2011 General Elections, saying it is the only means to install a credible government.

Governor Fashola made the call at a Ramadan Lecture organized by the Lagos Branch of the Ansar-Ud-Deen Society of Nigeria at the LTV8 Blue Roof Hall and the 6th Justice Muri Okunola Memorial Ramadan Lecture at the LTV 8 Grounds.

Speaking as Special Guest of Honour at the Ansar-Ud-Deen Society Lecture with the topic, “The Evils of Envy”, Governor Fashola said the key to good governance lay in the hands of the people pointing out that if the people eschew rigging and all other election malpractices, the problems of the nation would be a thing of the past.

“We hold the key to the political development of Nigeria because we vote the leaders into office. Snatchers of ballot boxes, riggers and other perpetrators of election malpractices are not spirits; they live in our midst, they are someone’s sons, they are someone’s wives and they are someone’s husband” the Governor said adding that with the cooperation of everyone, these riggers could be stopped.

He added, “We should see what is happening and be cautious and vigilant that none of our sons and members of our family partakes in the malpractices. We can tell anybody ‘we don’t want you’ through our votes. Our vote is very important. It is our civic duty, we can’t leave it to someone else”.

“It is our country and I plead that all of us should participate actively in the electoral process. We are greater in number than those in government. If we advise them right and responsibly, I believe strongly that with your votes, we will usher in development and success to our land”, Governor Fashola said.

Governor Fashola also appealed to the people to be patient with the Government adding that they must also play their own part by paying their taxes, being tolerant and persevering.

“We must participate in the governance of our State by paying our taxes, displaying patience and perseverance and confidence in the people we elected into office. We must continue to offer advice to them rather than disparaging or calling them names. No one is a compendium of knowledge and wisdom”, Governor Fashola said.

He thanked the National Missioner of Ansar-Ud-Deen Society of Nigeria and Overseas, Sheik Abdur Rahman Ahmad, and all members of the Society for “your support and counsel since I became Governor of Lagos State.”, praying that the Almighty Allah would always be with the Society.

“You have always been there with your support, comments and suggestions and the relationship has been nothing but beneficial”, the Governor said adding, “the support has come in the area of Environment, Taxation, Education, Health, they have given their support at all time”.

On the benefits of Ramadan, Governor Fashola, who advocated that the period should be observed all year round, said it has been a blessing to the world adding, “as a leader in Government, I know that crime is on the downturn. We know that people choose good conduct during Ramadan; people relate in peace and gentility”.

“I urge that Ramadan should be all year round because wealth, advice, teachings, love, peace and benevolence, all come during Ramadan. There is spirit of kindness, giving offering and so on and I think if we display all these virtues all year round, our problems as a State and as a country will be a thing of the past”, he said

Also speaking at the 6th Justice Muri Okunola Memorial Ramadan Lecture, Governor Fashola declared, “Muslims must participate in politics and must be committed. As the 2011 General Elections approach, the ball is in your court. You must play your part; rigging, false registration, over-bloated voters’ cards must be abhorred”.

Warning that those who perpetrate such malpractices are living among the people, Governor Fashola challenged the electorate to fish out such people to face the full wrath of the law. “Those who perpetrate the vices are within our midst. We must not allow them to ruin our chances of good government”, he urged.

“Your vote is your independence; it brings water supply; it brings tarred roads, it brings security, electricity supply, affordable housing with mortgage facilities. With your vote, you will participate fully in installing a government of your choice. It starts with registration which is crucial. Register first before any other thing”, Governor Fashola said.

Speaking on gender equality, especially as it pertains to Muslim women, Governor Fashola said women should ask for equity and justice instead of equality with men pointing out that physiologically men and women are not meant to compete but to complement one another.

“I recognize the stabilizing role women play in the society. Islam teaches us to respect our wives and our sisters. But what women should advocate for is not equality with men; they should rather advocate equity and justice”, the Governor said adding that it is as a result of the physiological difference between the two genders that women are given preferential treatment both during wars and natural disasters.

He said the Lagos State Government has led the rest of the country in areas of women empowerment pointing out that both in the Civil Service and the Judiciary; women have been accorded a pride of place.

The Governor thanked the family of late Justice Okunola “for being there always; forthright and steadfast in their Islamic Faith”, adding, “Islam and Ramadan preach contentment and all needs are provided for during the month of Ramadan”.

In his lecture, “The Evils of Envy”, Alhaji Sheik Abdur Rahman Ahmad said envy breeds disunity and disharmony among families, homes and nations advising that people should eschew such evil as it is only God that bestows wealth, honour and other favours on man.

Sheik Ahmad admonished parents to always pray for their children to surpass them adding that it is the prayers of the parents that eventually uplifts the children and bring the favour of the Almighty Allah on them.

Also speaking on the topic, “Islam: Between Extremism and Liberalism”, Chief Missioner of The Muslim Congress, Ustaz Dhikrulahi Shafi, enjoined all Muslims to be “firm believers in God’s will and all teachings of Prophet Mohammed in politics, culture, love and others”.

“You should endeavour to leave good history and legacy behind as Islam preaches. You must also display humility at all times as Islam preaches humility before man and God”, he said.

In her lecture titled, “Muslim Women and Materialism”, Dr. Ummukhair Abdulah called for more participation of women in Politics saying women have the right to be Presidents, Governors and other positions of leadership in Nigeria. “The challenges facing women must be taken care of”, she said.

Also present at the two occasions were some members of the State Executive Council and the Legislature including the Commissioner for Housing, Mr. Dele Onabokun, Alhaji Femi Okunnu, Senator Ganiyu Solomon, Special Adviser to the Governor on Health, Dr. Toyin Hamzat, Permanent Secretary Lands, Mr. Gbenga Ashafa, representatives of the Oba of Lagos, HRM Oba Babatunde Rilwan Akiolu 1, the Oba of Ikateland, Oba Saheed Elegushi, other Muslim scholars and top government functionaries.

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