Lagos Judges Resume Monday


Judges in Lagos State, South-West Nigeria, will resume their official duties on Monday after going on a one month annual vacation.

The state judiciary commenced its vacation on 17 July, marking the end of its 2009/2010 legal year.

While the vacation lasted, judicial activities in the state were at its lowest as only four vacation judges, two each at the Ikeja and Lagos divisions were left to attend to urgent matters.

Already, most judges who travelled abroad for the vacation have begun to return.

The usual Christian and Muslim service marking the beginning of the new legal year will however hold on September 27, 2010.

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During the services and subsequent celebration of the new legal year, the chief judge is expected to announce the appointment of seven additional judges into the state judiciary.

The seven new judges will bring the number of the female dominated judiciary to 56. Presently, there are 35 female and 14 male judges in the state.

In order of seniority, the top six positions are also dominated by female judges.

—Henry Ojelu

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