Nutrition Society Endorses Maltina


Maltina, one of the nation’s malt drinks has been certified by the Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN) as a nutritional beverage rich in calcium. This endorsement was conveyed to Nigerian Breweries via a letter dated 28th June, 2010.

The letter, signed by Mr. Bartholomew Brai, PhD, General Secretary of the society, informed the company that the official endorsement certificate will be presented to the company in Kaduna during the opening ceremony of the Annual Conference of the society scheduled for September, 2010.

Maltina, launched in 1976,  claims to be Nigeria ’s number one nourishing Malt drink. It is the first Malt drink brand to be enriched with Multivitamins and other essential minerals. The first to be fortified with Vitamin A and other essential vitamins. The first to be differentiated through brand stretching with the introduction of different fruit variants and the first to be fortified with Calcium, known to be very useful for strong bones and teeth. Calcium is also known to slow weight gain in post menopausal women as well as contribute to healthy heart muscle.

Maltina, since introduction into the Nigerian market, has remained the market leader. It has consistently driven the leadership through unique innovations that have continued to excite the consumers, while expanding the market for increasing volume and consumption. This has also entrenched Maltina in terms of top of mind awareness amongst consumers.

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All these product enhancement drives and other developmental work done on the brands packaging and advertising along with others have always resulted in volume growth for the brand and market expansion. The brand has also been at the forefront of developing sports and tourism in Nigeria with such sponsorships as the Ojude Oba Festival and Argungu Fishing Festival among others.

In 2007, the brand introduced the Maltina Dance All, in addition to the Maltina Dance Gig which continues to traverse the nation rewarding consumers with mouth watering prizes. Maltina Dance All is a big family dance show which features talented Dance families selected from various regions across the country.

The programme, set to launch its fourth season, is a reality TV show where families and their representatives compete for a grand prize by entertaining viewers with their dancing skills. According to Mr. Jacco van der Linden, Marketing Director, Nigerian Breweries Plc, the endorsement by NSN, is a very deserving tribute to the brand which is not only the first malt drink in Nigeria but, the first in innovation among its category.

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