Oriental Brothers’ Family Battles Recording Coy


The wife and one of the children of Obina Christognus a.k.a. Sir Warrior and an entertainment company, Panovo Limited, have slammed a N17 million suit on a marketer, Chief Guy Okoli, trading under the names Super International Music, Okoli Music Company and Transerve Disc Technologies, over alleged infringement of copyright of musical works of Sir Warrior, numbering about 20.

The plaintiffs, Mrs. Rosana Obinna and Uche Obinna, on behalf of the estate of Christognus and for themselves, are urging the court to compel Chief Guy Okoli and Transerve Disc Techonogies, to render proper account to them by producing in court, receipts of payment, waybills and number of discs produced in respect of Warrior and Oliver de Coque since their death.

The plaintiffs are also urging the court to order the company or the court’s registrar to go into the factory and shops of the defendant at Plots 2 and 3, Block VII, Alakoso Avenue, Odofin Park Estate, Ijesha bus stop, Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos; 2, Olowojaye Street, Eze Udo House off Boundary, Ajegunle; Shop 7, Grace Plaza, Alaba International Market, Ojo; 38 BIT Plaza, Alaba Market and 34, Orodu Street, Ajegunle Apapa and remove all the cassettes as well as take into possession all plates, master tapes and machine equipment used for the production of the infringed works.

The plaintiffs contended that by virtue of an agreement dated 19 October, 2006 and 2 February, 2009 respectively, Panovo Entertainment Company is the only company vested with the exclusive license/right to reproduce, market and distribute for sale, the musical works of the two artistes.

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However, in his counter-affidavit, Chief Guy Okoli, while denying almost all the averments of the plaintiffs, stated that the two artistes, Sir Warrior and Chief Sunday Akanite a.k.a. Oliver de Coque, have given him the copyright of their musical works.

In addition, he averred that he had paid a total sum of N2.6 million to the family of Oliver de Coque.

He claimed that Oliver’s eldest son, Sunday Akanite Junior, who resides in Spain, according to the defendant, did not only approve his transaction with the family but also authorised him to continue with the marketing of his father’s work.

— Akin Kuponiyi

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