PDP Faults Fashola Over Increase In BRT Fares


The Lagos State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has condemned the AC-led government of Lagos State over the recent increase in the state’s owned BRT fares which came into effect recently.

The opposition party in Lagos State, described the development as callous, senseless, wicked, oppressive, unpopular and ill-advised.

A PDP gubernatorial aspirant Barrister Owolabi Salis, speaking on behalf of the party, said it is unfortunate that a government which had hitherto sworn to dedicate its existence to alleviating the sufferings of the masses has disappointingly turned the other way, to exacerbate their excruciating yoke of hardship.

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He said, “it is lamentable  that while education, housing, health and general provision of infrastructure have been grossly deficit towards the fulfillment of the people’s aspirations, the BRT with which the commoners had hitherto consoled themselves as a source of succour, has again become another source of burden foisted upon them by the very government which is supposed to alleviate their severe pang of sufferings”.

The increase according to him, is anything but warranted, in view of the huge profit accruing as turnover to the state’s coffers.

While itemizing the terror value of Lagos State agencies which include KAI, LASTMA, VIO, Local Government Task Force and overzealous tax collectors, all of which make living hard for the average Lagosian, he affirmed that the recent hike in BRT fares, comes as the deadliest blow of them all.

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