Freecom XS 1TB,World’s Smallest Hard Drive


It is hard to make a hard drive look or indeed sound sexy, but in our current age of MP3s, unlimited downloads and digital photography, they have become increasingly vital to how we live our modern lives.

Indeed, hard drives no longer simply come in megabit and gigabit-sized packages, but now even terabits are becoming commonplace.

The Freecom XS 1TB is one of these. Billed as the “world’s smallest hard drive,” the Freecom is only marginally larger than a hardback bestseller.

It works with anything beyond Windows XP and Mac OSx 10.3 and is easy to transfer files using its USB connections.

It is pre-formatted and so it means you are ready to use it as soon as it has been plugged into your PC and can be used to back-up files or just to increase your OC’s memory.

It is also remarkably quiet, considering the hefty memory it is packing.

It is encased in a thin skin of rubber to protect it from vibrations and help it stick to your desk. It also has an LED capacity light which tells you how much space you have left.

You can transfer most of your files, MP3 and photos from your laptop in little more than 10 minutes.

The Freecom is not the most advanced hard drive on the market but it is an absolute steal and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty should the unthinkable happens and everything crashes.

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