IBB Free To Contest –Jemibewon


General David Jemibewon (retd), has stated that the former military president, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (retd), is free and qualify to contest for any political office in Nigeria as far as there is no law banning him from doing so.

Jemibewon stated this in Lagos, South West Nigeria, during a visit to members of Club Arcade of Nigeria, recently.

The General stated that if there is nothing disqualifying Babangida from contesting in the forthcoming elections and into any political office, he is free to contest.

According to him, “does anything disqualify him? If there is nothing disqualifying him, then he has the right to contest. He is not only free to contest, but the constitution, which is the grand norm in the country, allows certain people, having attained certain standard in terms of age and education, eligibility that they can offer themselves.

“I think he is highly qualified just like any other Nigerians.”

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General Jemibewon also advised Professor Attahiru Jega, chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), not to disappoint the trust Nigerians reposed in him, which earned him the appointment.

“He should take the advice that most Nigerians have offered, following his appointment. He seems to be one of the rare occasions, where somebody is given a national appointment and takes it in a positive manner as in calibre of such appointee.

“Nigerians believe that following his antecedent, he stands the chance of doing a good job. He should do his best not to disappoint Nigerians and maintain the reputation for which he is well known,” Jemibewon advised the INEC boss, while also calling on Nigerians not to put much pressure of President Goodluck Jonathan on his declaration for 2011 election, adding that the non-declaration of the President is immaterial as there is no fixed time when he can declare his intention to run for the presidency.

“If he speaks out or not is immaterial because there is no time limit to when one can declare his intention to run for political office,” he stated.

He commended members of the club for keeping the standard which the club is known for in the past, despite moving the nation’s capital to Abuja, which he said, had had an adverse effect on both economic and the social activities of Lagos State.

—Paul Sanusi

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